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 Ion Hazzikostas interview notes

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PostSubject: Ion Hazzikostas interview notes   Ion Hazzikostas interview notes Icon_minitimeTue Aug 27, 2013 10:26 am

Lead Encounter Designer, Ion Hazzikostas, was on the newest episode Convert to Raid.  Here are a few notes of interest:

- SoO starts in Pandaria because they didn't want players to feel like they spent months there for nothing.

- No valor gear in 5.4 was largely due to LFR players Best in Slot lists being composed of 70% valor gear.(This made me want to smash my iPod)

- Flex raids are not intended to ever replace LFR, both will serve their own niche.

- A new tank who can get silver in Proving Grounds should have no issue tanking 5 man's.

- His favorite "new mechanic" is a new spin on mind control in the Garrosh fight where the MC spreads through the raid if not handled properly.

- The heirloom drops were added as a way to give incentives for raiding at a higher difficulty, but will not be vital to have in the next xpac.

Overall it was a good interview and if you have time a link will be on the RSS feed to the left of this on the homepage. Give it a listen.
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Ion Hazzikostas interview notes
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