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 Blizzcon Day 1 Part 2

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PostSubject: Blizzcon Day 1 Part 2   Blizzcon Day 1 Part 2 Icon_minitimeFri Nov 08, 2013 9:05 pm

Boost to 90!
- WoW is better with friends apparently? Lolwut?
- When you purchase this expansion you get to boost one of your existing chars to 90 or a new alt from scratch.
- Doing this cleans up your bags, quest log and action bar.
- Gives you the chance to drop right into the action.

Inventory Update:
- Collections: Basically account-wide type things.
- Heirloom truly account wide in a similar style to pets/mount way and same with other items. Easy access to them all without chasing them down over all toons.
- Toy box: Store all your fun items.
- Can add favourites to everything.
- Sortable bags: Assign each bag to certain things e.g consumables , armour etc. White outline shows new to bags. Gold icon shows it's vendor trash.
- Quest items no longer stored in bags. Stored on quest UI.
- Ability to craft directly from the bank.
- Stack size increasing from 20 to 100.

Adventure Guide:
- A guide to progress your character.
- Plan to gear upgrades.
- Present new content
- Customized to you.
- Recommends different things based on what you like and what you're more suitable to (e.g raids, dungeons) based on your ilvl.

Level 100 talents!
- Nothing set in stone constantly changing.
- Going to have tooltips based on specs.

Dungeons and raids:
- 7 new dungeons on launch.
- 4 available whilst level
- 3 exclusive to max level
- Classic heroic - Upper Blackrock Spire.
- Normal, heroic and challenge difficulties available.

Dungeon: Bloodmaul Slag mines:
- Located in frostfire ridge.
- 4 bosses, non-linear layout.
- Cruel ogres. Liberate captive frostwolf orcs and draenei to stage a revolt.
- Some rather impressive looking models.

More dungeons:
- Blackrock Foundry
- Auchindoun
- Arrakkoa Spires
- Shadowmoon Burial grounds
- Iron Barracks
- And more!

- 2 new raids
- High maul <- Ogre raid in nagrand - 6 boss raid
- Blackrock Foundry <- Iron Horde raid - 10 boss raid
- 16 bosses total
- New world bosses

Raid content:
- Flex is awesome! (Apparently)
- Many issues with 10 vs 25 structure, tension trying to keep them equal.
- Expand flex scaling
- Normal/Heroic raids going to be flexible in numbers you can bring.
- LFR difficulty going to be scaled if people leave.
- Flex scaling not part of heroic.
- Change hardcore from 10/25 to a single 20 raid size. Basically new game mode.

LFR 10-25
Normal 10-25
Heroic 10-25
Mythic 20 man only

- World PVP zone
- UI improvements
- Battleground Rewards
- Trial of the Gladiator

World pvp zone:
- Ashran, a staging area near the dark portal.
- Faction bases and a variety of hotspots
- A PvP sandbox (not an instance style, more like timeless isle pvp style) Chilton said a lot like the old Alterac Valley
- Lots of different objectives here
- Will use CRZ technology - Try make the zone more balanced based on faction size on each realm.
- Build and commandeer siege vehicles.
- Reduce enemy base to rubble
- Battle rages on
- Iron horde style siege vehicles

UI improvements for PVP:
- Objective Tracker
- Capture status
- Shows how long will take to capture something and when losing something on map.
- It will also show capturing based on items within game (e.g AB flag capture)
- Battleground score. Give people a clear sense of how they're doing in BGs. Going to be based on different things happening within BG.

Battleground rewards:
- Bonus random rewards (At the end of a BG or a arena chance to win random stuff)
- Stuff you can win: Items, honor, BoE gear and more.
- Weekly quest to upgrade an item.

Trial of the Gladiator:
- The arena ladder.
- Limited Availability - Can only do it at certains
- Tournament rules. Gear provided from this place and hop straight in. All based on a players skill. NO PVE GEAR.
- Determines prestige rewards.
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Blizzcon Day 1 Part 2
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