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 Guild gem supply

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PostSubject: Guild gem supply   Guild gem supply Icon_minitimeSat Sep 28, 2013 10:16 am

Hey all I'm noticing that in terms of gems a lot is going out and not so much coming in.

Although we're very easy going on the guild bank especially for raiders we would still like to remind people it is still a guild effort to try and supply the guild bank.

If you're supplying your alts with gems from the guild bank although we are happy with that we would also like to see people make an effort replacing what they can when possible.

How can you help?
- Maybe take a gem out? Put an uncut version back when possible.
- Ore! Yes, this crazy stuff is our supplier of gems pass to a guild JCer or put some in the guild bank and help replace what is taken.
- Transmute - I have noticed personally that a lot of the time ghost iron gives those crappy green quality gems. They can be turned into the blue quality though if you transmute them. If you have an alchemist and a JCer you can do this yourself. If not pass some of the green quality gems to an alchemist with golden lotus.

The stock on our uncut gems is a little higher again since I put my own little stock in there but I would just like to remind everyone it is a guild effort! So although you're not required to replace what you take it would be greatly appreciated if you could contribute in some way.

Enchants are not as bad but does apply too.

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Guild gem supply
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