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 Guild Patch Notes for 5.4

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PostSubject: Guild Patch Notes for 5.4   Guild Patch Notes for 5.4 Icon_minitimeTue Sep 10, 2013 6:56 pm


- Flex Raids will be going on Wednesday, a weekend evening TBD, and some Mondays will have an alt/PuG run to help with recruiting.

  • Flex will be a more casual setting and will be a great thing for our guild and many others.  It has all the mechanics that Normal mode has, with a slightly lower difficulty level.

  • 10-25 players can attend though we will be slightly limited by what roles we have. For example if we only have 3 healers we can't load up with 20 dps, unfortunately.  There will still be some balancing that needs to be done but we will do everything possible to keep people in the group who want to be there.

  • Spots will be taken by players who were not in the Tues & Thurs progression run first.  Ideally we'd like to see a leader or two emerge to run a 2nd raid team.  Recruiting on Monday will help fill this team out.

  • Gear is distributed the same way as LFR and World Bosses. No rolling or loot council.  The ilvl is 540(IIRC)

  • From what I've seen achievements can be earned towards the Meta in Flex.  This could be wrong, but I believe it is correct.  Please keep the pitchforks put away if I am mistaken here Smile 

  • Wing 1 opens 9-10 with a new wing each week after.  If there is time left after clearing the raid we can get a group together to run old raids to get achievements or heroic kills in T13/T14.  This all depends on who is up for it.

The Flex runs will cater to those who up until now have been wanting in the 10m runs because they want to be part of the action but don't want to, or have time to, put in the extra work of watching videos, learning new rotations to squeeze every last number they can get out of their toon, and banging their head against a wall on a boss for 3-5 weeks until we finally get it down.  It will also be great for gearing up if you're not quite up to par to get into SoO Normal as well as practice on mechanics you might be having issues with, Flex is not an LFR faceroll, not at first at least.  Players who just want to have some fun with their guildies with little pressure to grab some gear & achievements are going to love Flex.  

-Tuesday and Thursday will be for 10m progression raiding.  Having a mostly consistent group during the initial progression push gives us the best chance of clearing this raid and putting it on farm so we can get more people involved in these runs.  We are going to initially fill this group based on the following criteria.


  • Skada numbers, dps, hps, damage taken, ensidia fails(which puts a number on raid awareness), and other data.  (If you have any questions about your numbers or want to improve them, ask.  Find people of your class/spec who are better than you and learn from them.  You can't be stubborn about changing things if you want to get better.  There are many resources out there to find out about where your DPS or HPS should be at your gear score, so if you're way lower than that number you should try to figure it out or get help with it.)

  • Class/spec and raid comp. For example, if we have a mage & warlock with comparable numbers and one dps spot open but no crit buff or hero and already have a lock in group, the mage will likely get the spot.

  • Legendary cloak progress. By now everyone should have the cloak or at least be getting close to it.  The stats on it plus the proc you'll get in 5.4 is a huge increase in your numbers.

  • Preparation. At the very least people should be looking at their dungeon journal, but videos are a bigger help. We're not a world first guild spending 18hrs a day raiding to work out mechanics.  This is very important to keep moving without lengthy explanations. It takes 10-15min to prepare, do it please.

  • Overall attitude. It sucks raiding with someone who is always negative and gives up after a few wipes. Bring your positive attitudes to raid.

  • Attendance. People who cant commit to raid nights from 7-10 can't be surprised when they are 2nd fiddle to someone who is consistent.  This doesn't mean you have another job and will lose your spot forever if you miss a night, we know things come up and people have real life commitments that trump raiding, but remember that your guild members and raid team aren't NPCs who are just waiting for you to log on.

This is not going to be setup to leave people out or create a group of people who are above the rest.  This is something we can do now to cater to the more serious raiders in the guild since Blizzard has given us something in Flex raids to cater to the more casual raiders.  10m will be for the members who are ok with 40 wipes on a boss(not that we should ever be OK with it but it does happen) trying to get it down while Flex will be for everyone in a more laid back casual setting.  We will also need people to fill in any missing roles when spots open throughout the tier or if certain fights are better for certain classes we could be making changes throughout the night.  Don't be discouraged if you're not part of the group at the beginning of the night because you could be by the end and if not, this patch will be full of content that will help you get caught up on gear or will just be fun to do.  Any concerns will gladly be addressed by the officers.

Loot Rules

- We are going to try a partial loot council for the 10m runs.  This will mainly be focused on Tier Pieces to start.  Things we will consider are as follows:

  • Tanks > Heals > DPS.  This will increase the survivability of the group which helps progress faster putting the bosses on farm to get more tier tokens quicker.  We will rotate through this on a 2 piece set bonus pace.  The thought is that by the time we get most of the group a 2 piece set bonus, most everyone will already have a 4 set from Flex and LFR so it will just be about upgrading those pieces to the better version.

  • Current piece being replaced. Last Tier > No Tier Piece > SoO LFR Tier Piece > Flex Tier Piece > Normal(using Mr Robot relative score as a tie breaker).  This will also be considered when deciding between where in the Tank > Heals> DPS rotation the piece needs to go.  

We will ask that everyone have [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] up in the background, make sure your armory is up to date, turn off Heroic gear and change BiS Upgrade Level to "+2" in the options, then click a piece of gear and above the list in the pop-up window is a box you can check called "Relative", use that.  This will expedite the gear distribution process if at a glance you can see the score increase the piece would give you.

- Main Spec/Off Spec rolling

  • All other loot will use a tightened up version of our normal system.  1 Main Spec Roll(Need), Unlimited Off Spec(Greed).

  • Your first legitimate Main Spec win of the night will be you Main Spec roll.  No more waiting for someone else to roll and if they don't you use a Greed roll.  If you need it, roll on it, simple as that.  Don't pass up on the loot in front of you for a piece that might not drop later.

  • If you've already won your Need roll and something drops that you can use and it goes to Off Spec, you can use Greed rolls at that point.

  • If nobody uses a Need roll on an item, and there's no legitimate Off Spec use for it, it will go to disenchant as the shard we get will be more useful to us.  This will be relaxed later in the tier when we are on farm status.

Keep in mind that raiding takes a team working together, even after the boss dies.  I know we all get excited about loot and it's a bummer when something doesn't drop or we lose a roll on something we really wanted.  Know your Best in Slots and where they drop, if it's a minor upgrade for you and a BiS for someone else, consider passing on it even if it's been a while since you've won.  Loot councils only work when the people in charge are making the best decisions for the team as a whole and the players on the team trust them, Rolls only work when people aren't trying to take advantage of the system and think about the other 9 people who are there with them.  Need before Greed has lost it's meaning over many years of the MMO, let's get back to the core of that phrase this tier.

Guild Issues and "Drama"

Most of us saw how ugly things can get when a grievance isn't handled correctly during this last tier.  Open communication between members and officers is encouraged here.  If you have a problem how does complaining to other members, ranting in guild chat or on vent, or posting on the forums or facebook help?  The more mature way to handle, and the path to getting it fixed or hearing why something is done the way it is would be to speak with an officer first.  The issue can then be brought up with the rest of the leadership and if it's truly is an issue we can take steps to fix it.  We want this guild to be the best it can be, unfortunately(or fortunately in many cases) as with any organized group of people, not everyone will agree with the direction things go in.  We want to know why you don't like something, we just want it done in a way that keeps drama from ensuing, and if you can come to us with a solution to the problem you have, that's even better.  Think of the imaginary box outside of Xan's office as a suggestion box rather than a complaint box. Very Happy 

Throne of Thunder

5.3 had its smooth roads and its bumpy ones, but people stepped up when they needed to and we finally took down the Thunder King.  Personally, my biggest regret about 5.2/5.3 is that we weren't able to get it down much earlier so we could get everyone the Ahead of the Curve Feat of Strength.  I hope that the changes we're making, and the added features Blizzard is giving us, will not only help get everyone involved even more, and in a way that caters to the way they like to play WoW, but will result in new opportunities for a 2nd 10m team, more recruiting of quality people, and an environment that provides more fun for everyone who I'm proud to call a Guildie.
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Guild Patch Notes for 5.4
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